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  •   dddizey  1 day ago

    Sensei gives alot of himself in our reading. I feel relaxed when I am in his room and I feel that he has guided me over a long time now, in a very authentic way. thanks.

  •   cazk0303  2 days ago
      Reply friend, my mentor, my earth angel. What a wonderful soul....he has worked with me to get me where I am, and always has my best interests at heart. His cleansings are amazing, and his readings incredibly accurate. I appreciate him so much:)

  •   AMANDAGLOVER89  4 days ago

    Brilliant Psychic Sensie.Also great with Guidance,Honesty and regular emails helpful :).Thanks again xxx

  •   ellen37067  4 days ago

    Holding on to the hope that you are right! I think the timing will be as you said. I will let you know. Thank you again.

  •   miracle99  4 days ago

    So accurate, predictions beginning to manifest, thank you!

  •   miracle99  7 days ago

    'wow sensei, thank you, that last thing you said really spoke to me.

  •   AMANDAGLOVER89  13 days ago

    very good reading thank you sensie.Thank you for everything :)

  •   miracle99  13 days ago

    thank you, very accurate on the reading.

  •   cazk0303  17 days ago

    Sensei is an amazing reader and mentor. His angelic guidance is one of a kind and I truly appreciate everything he has done for me. What a great man...and wonderful presence:)

  •   enjoyspasta  20 days ago

    all is perfect

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You've reached the maximum length of this message (140 characters).